What is
Green Heart Meals?

Affordable. Easy. Most importantly, healthy. At Green Heart Meals, we take the time and care to prepare ready-to-eat meals made from fresh ingredients, so you don’t have to! To make it even easier for you, we offer grab n go meals at all of our locations! Explore our menu for a variety of meals to fit your everyday needs and budget.

  • Meals are $8 each, if you purchase 5 or more, then they are $7 a meal.
  • Custom meals starts off at $7 each (chicken, ground beef, sirloin, Turkey patty, tilapia)
    • Salmon is $4 extra and shrimp is $1.50 extra
    • Extra charges for extra portions (8oz chicken breast, ground beef, sirloin, turkey patty, tilapia is extra $2)

If you order online then you are guaranteed to get the meals that you want whereas in-stores, the meals that are in the cooler are  what we have for the day. Pre-orders are available but they would be ready in 48 hours after 12pm.

We have locations in Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Lafayette, & Alexandria! Click here for our locations.

M-F 10 AM to 8PM

Sat- 10 AM to 6PM

Sun-12 PM to 6PM

No. We use organic ingredients where we can but ultimately we cannot call our meals organic. Our kitchen uses both organic and non-organic ingredients. 

Yes for up to 2 weeks!

Each meal has an expiration date that the meals can last in the cooler by, after that then they need to be frozen.

1-2 minutes in microwave with a vented lid. Same way if meals are frozen, we recommend microwaving at 1 minute intervals

Eat Healthy. Feel Great.